• Blog Webmaster

    £549.99 / month
    A Blog Webmaster can handle the day to day chores that keep your website fresh and your users happy. They will Reply to comments, moderate the forum, format content, manage guest/collaborator submissions, curate your affiliate links, process support tickets and optimise your site pages for search engines. They will also monitor your analytics to ensure your most popular content is up to date. With a Blog Webmaster taking care of the tedious admin, you can concentrate on making your blog content the best it can be (or choose a content package and let us do it for you!).
    • Takes care of all blog and user admin
    • Will format and publish content for you
    • Will optimise posts and pages for search engines
  • Managed Wix Hosting

    £179.99 / year
    We ensure your website and domain are up and running at all times. We test contact forms after major updates and keep an eye out for broken links and any other issues that may cause problems for your visitors. Your premium Wix hosting subscription and domain renewal fees are included in this package.
  • Domain Registration

    £14.99 / year
    Register and store your domain on our servers. 100% safe and secure.