• Managed Wix Hosting

    £179.99 / year
    We ensure your website and domain are up and running at all times. We test contact forms after major updates and keep an eye out for broken links and any other issues that may cause problems for your visitors. Your premium Wix hosting subscription and domain renewal fees are included in this package.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

    From: £59.99 / month
    Our Managed Wordpress hosting packages are designed to ensure that your website runs perfectly at all times. All our websites are served by state of the art private servers set up to handle very high traffic and multiple sessions. We run a full health check every month to ensure your website is up to date and free of spam. We offer three different packages; Light, eCommerce and Custom Application. Each package has been designed to serve a specific type of website and includes a selection of appropriate tools and software. All our hosting is invite-only and we will usually recommend a package based on your website's specifications. Please contact us before you make a purchase if you have not done so already.
  • Domain Registration

    £14.99 / year
    Register and store your domain on our servers. 100% safe and secure.