• eCommerce Webmaster

    £999.99 / month
    Outsource your entire eCommerce platform to us. This package includes email marketing campaigns, Zendesk support management, store management and conversion optimisation. All you have to do is ship the products and respond to the support tickets that fall outside our scope of knowledge.
    • Email Marketing: We will create beautiful branded HTML emails to send to your customers with the latest news, coupon codes and other marketing incentives. we also set up automated follow-ups to generate reviews and repeat sales.
    • Managed Zendesk Support: Ensure your customers get help quickly by having one of our agents managing your Zendesk. All the day to day questions and issues your customers have can be handled by us. We will only allocate support emails to you in the event they require your specialist knowledge.
    • Store Management: We will add and remove products, update content and deal with technical issues quickly. We will also chase up failed or pending orders to increase conversions and format customer reviews to give them more impact.
    • Conversion Optimisation: Using in-depth analytics and split testing we will make small changes to your website's settings and layouts. This allows us to make evidence-based improvements to your funnel and optimise your website's interface for smooth user experience and higher conversion rate.
  • Blog Webmaster

    £549.99 / month
    A Blog Webmaster can handle the day to day chores that keep your website fresh and your users happy. They will Reply to comments, moderate the forum, format content, manage guest/collaborator submissions, curate your affiliate links, process support tickets and optimise your site pages for search engines. They will also monitor your analytics to ensure your most popular content is up to date. With a Blog Webmaster taking care of the tedious admin, you can concentrate on making your blog content the best it can be (or choose a content package and let us do it for you!).
    • Takes care of all blog and user admin
    • Will format and publish content for you
    • Will optimise posts and pages for search engines
  • Blog Content

    From: £119.99 / month
    Articles for your blog written by an experienced copywriter. All our blog posts are optimised for search engines and formatted directly into your Wordpress backend. Either give us a list of titles or get suggestions from our researchers.
    • minimum 1000 words per article
    • 7 day turn around
    • Optimised for search engines
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

    From: £59.99 / month
    Our Managed Wordpress hosting packages are designed to ensure that your website runs perfectly at all times. All our websites are served by state of the art private servers set up to handle very high traffic and multiple sessions. We run a full health check every month to ensure your website is up to date and free of spam. We offer three different packages; Light, eCommerce and Custom Application. Each package has been designed to serve a specific type of website and includes a selection of appropriate tools and software. All our hosting is invite-only and we will usually recommend a package based on your website's specifications. Please contact us before you make a purchase if you have not done so already.
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