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Reuben Nacher – Nacher DJ

Popularly known as Nacher DJ, this London-based DJ is an experienced professional who relocated to London in 2014. He was a prominent DJ on the Spanish circuit with a burning desire to expand his horizons and further develop his DJ career in the UK.

The brilliant DJ is passionate about his chosen vocation and has a mixed spectrum of musical influence. Reuben harnesses the ability to skilfully and seemingly blend all different genres of music including RnB, Top 40 Chart through to 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s for corporate events and the more commercial gig.

He has a very high musical knowledge encompassing a wide range of genres and age groups. His advanced performance technique is due to his dedication to his artisanship. Nacher DJ currently holds residencies at different venues that have a remarkable reputation in the dance club scene in London.

Nacher is a rare blend of creativity, savvy and has completed a variety of academic achievements such as an Electronic Music Production degree with honours at the prestigious University of West London, Higher National Diploma at City and Islington College of Sound Engineering and a post-graduate degree in Advanced Music Technology.

On the one hand, in the last years, he has been focused on electronic music production creating upbeat rhythms, creating unique synthesized sounds or original sound recordings from musicians. Nacher has released an EP called Euphoria which has a blended of EDM genres proving his skills as a versatile music producer. On the other hand, his research for developing new abilities in the music industry and the new upcoming technologies, during his master’s he has mainly focused on 3D audio for multiple applications.